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About Our Founder

Amtek-Global was founded by Dr. Kwaku A. Danso, a retired Engineer and Businessman who spends part of the time in his home in the Livermore and Fremont area of Northern California, USA and the rest in his home in East Legon, Accra, Ghana. He spends some time also in his birth place of Abetifi in the Kwahu mountain of Eastern Region, Ghana.

Six months after his post-graduate work in Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, he got convinced by one of his Ghanaian friends, a Manager at Bank of America, to buy his first house. Kwaku figured out a way to save enough money as down payment and obtain a loan for his first investment in a home in San Jose (aka Silicon Valley) California in June 1976. His interest in homes and differences in construction details, pricing and finance started at that time. In 1984 when he was buying his 8th house in Fremont, California, he got to learn about a concept called “debt ratio” in mortgage financing. This curiosity led to the formation of a mortgage business in late 1987.

Throughout his engineering career which spanned more than three

decades of the 1970s to 2000s, and working for ten American corporations in four American States, Dr. Danso purchased, owned and sold more than 14 homes, always managing to transfer the equity to the next. He gradually built his family home and a small apartment complex in East Legon, Accra, Ghana, using a remote management process that had several useful lessons.

It was the curiosity and love for real estate and financing that eventually led to the formation of his first company, Danso Hi-Tek Financial, a licensed Mortgage Brokerage in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in 1987.  The company assisted customers, most of whom had been turned down by Banks, to obtain loans for their homes and for commercial properties.

Within three years Danso Hi-Tek became one of the fastest growing small businesses in the Northern California area, with more than six offices. Danso introduced the first known mini technology to perform qualification of home-loan clients and also introduced the seven days or evening service through fast transaction and pre-underwriting processing. The company has transformed over the years to American Hi-Tek Financial, and in 2003 to Amtek Realty & Finance, Inc. to include a full service Real Estate Brokerage which involved hiring and training many agents.

After operation for twenty years Dr. Danso decided to focus on his mother country of Ghana.  Kwaku worked to complete his PhD in Business & Technology (Management & Leadership emphasis) in 2006, and published his first book on “Leadership Concepts and the Role of Government in Africa: The Case of Ghana” in 2007.  With his understanding of real estate principles, law, economics, finance, appraisal, title and escrow and practice, he has teamed up with some Architects and Engineers in Ghana in 2009 and finally launched Amtek-Global Construction and Investment, dba Globest (Ghana).

After years of holding engineering and management positions in Quality and Reliability engineering in the electronics and communications industry for such global giants as Siemens, Osram Opto-Semiconductor, Intel Corporation, and Texas Instruments, Dr. Danso is venturing on this new passion. His passion for quality homes almost matches his passion for engineering and perfection in detail. The tough and sometimes bitter experiences of managing projects at a distance in Ghana, shared by many of his colleagues in the USA and Ghana Diaspora, has equipped him with the best experience to help clients. Perhaps we should not forget “Mister Danso” (as he is popularly called by his American clients) has been a social and political change activist for over three decades in his mother country of Ghana.

Quality comes from knowing and demanding the best, and the desire for continuous improvement.

If anybody can do justice to your investment and deliver quality homes at the most affordable prices, and manage people through the menace of doing business in Ghana, I will do it! I guarantee this! Period!

Kwaku A. Danso