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Home Financing

Dream Home Purchase (DHP) program in Ghana is geared for people who plan long term, from 5 to 10 years, to own their homes and are willing to put moneys aside monthly towards that dream.

4Year Program (4YP) – Our 4YP is applicable to those who may own their land already and need us to supervise the construction over a period of not more than 4 years. A modest project management fees are amortized over the 48 months.

Subsidized Low Income housing pricing promise to beat any on the market. It is based on long term savings program of employees of government or other stable employment, or the self employed. Our special skills lie in a unique financial and interactive management system based on decades of American experience of our Chief Executive and other executives in the real estate and finance industry. Using a mathematical ratio and mix of low and medium income housing on large managed plots of land we are able to deliver below market housing prices that offers subsidy to the low income housing segment.  

Financing of Uncompleted Housing Projects

With our Brokerage Firm in Ghana, we arrange financing for uncompleted Projects at the most reasonable market prices, with the best rates tied to the US dollar.